Mid-century Lamp | Our latest vintage find

A spur-of-the-moment purchase for one of our guest bedrooms ended up being a perfect fit for the bonus room.

First things first though: addressing another long posting drought for us. In addition to lots of overtime at work, our laptop died and our work laptops can’t access WordPress so we were completely out of the blogging game for awhile. Good news though – while work continues to monopolize our time, we have finally gotten a new laptop. With the new laptop should come a few new posts.

With that being said, a month ago I made an impulse buy while perusing a vintage goods store. I saw a gorgeous mid-century lamp with no shade for $30.

mid century modern lamp

mid century modern lamp

Now, as you probably know, getting a custom lampshade made can actually be quite expensive, so we were unsure what our path forward was going to be. However, while doing some Christmas shopping this past weekend, we ran across a lamp shade that was absolutely perfect. The only problem? It was attached to a lamp that was not very attractive. Luckily, the lamp and shade combo were still a fraction of the price of getting a custom lamp shade made. So, we picked up the lamp, stole the shade, and plan to donate the bare lamp.

As stated previously, when I eyed this lamp I intended it for our guest bedroom dresser. However, once we got it home it just fit too perfectly in our bonus room.

We’re still working on the bonus room, but here are a couple in-progress shots of the lamp in its resting place with the new shade:

mid century modern lamp

mid century modern lamp

Adding this lamp to that side of the room definitely changed our game plan a little bit but I think our current vision is a little stronger and will be more cohesive. We can’t wait to finish the rest of what is planned on this room now once we can find some time!


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