Color-blocked Polygons | New Society 6 Art

How a quest for art in our master bathroom turned into 3 new prints for sale on Society 6.

So, we posted a lot about this master bathroom last month and then kind of trailed off. Work got in the way, but we have still found time to make progress. The latest update comes in the form of artwork. Remember this mood board we posted as our initial inspiration?

master bathroom makeover

The artwork in this picture was a piece that is no longer for sale, but we liked the colors used. We already have a frame set aside for this room; it is a nice modern, brass, no-frills frame that we got scored at one of our local thrift stores. Having the frame allowed us to know the exact dimensions we needed and, since I’m a self-admitted Photoshop hack, we set out to create some artwork ourselves that we could get printed.

We already knew the general idea of the colors we wanted based on our mood board so we just needed some inspiration on a design. Earlier this year I had run across something designer Emily Henderson had done with a stained glass artist local to her area. It was a really cool idea and the end result was stunning.

Style By Emily Henderson

So, I took this same concept and whipped a print up in Photoshop that was inspired by similar geometry, just using the colors that we wanted for our room:

We have not printed and framed this yet so I can’t give my opinion on the final results but I was very happy with how the end product looked on the screen. I think it will go awesomely with the Anthropologie towels and the Schoolhouse Electric vases we have.

Now, during the process of creating this in Photoshop, I ended up with multiple variants that did not get used. I decided to clean a few of them up a little bit and throw them up on Society 6 in case anyone was interested. Luckily, because I was making this from scratch and knew we were going to print it, I already had high quality files to work with. This allowed us to take advantage of the full product line at Society 6. The full range of products can be found here:

However, I’ll share a few of the items below. It was pretty cool to see how some of them turned out.

We hope you all enjoyed our Sunday-morning Photoshop session! I know we are very excited to see our actual art piece framed and hanging on that shiplap wall.


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