Master Bathroom Update #2

Slowly but surely, the bathroom is looking better and better.

This week’s updates are not huge but we have made some noticeable progress in our master bathroom. This week, the progress mainly involves the vanity mirror.

Let’s take a peek at this before view:

master bathroom before

One of the big things we wanted to change in our room was to add visual interest as well as storage; the room felt very bottom heavy. By adding the shiplap boards on the back wall (and eventually the artwork and chandelier), we hoped to draw the eye upward. Additionally, we felt the large sea of frame-less mirror above the vanity was a bit boring, especially considering it is the main view into the bathroom from our master bedroom.

We thought about it for awhile and decided that we did not need a huge mirror stretching from end to end when 95% of the time, we were each standing directly in front of our sinks when using the mirror. Instead, we decided that it would be much more useful to split the mirror into two smaller pieces and add shelves for storage in the center of the vanity. This would 1) add visual interest from the doorway 2) draw the eye upward across the multiple shelves 2) actually provide significant useful storage for the everyday items that usually clutter our counter.

After asking around for recommendations on glass cutting shops, we got brave and decided to just cut the mirror ourselves. We were a bit nervous about transporting a large mirror (not even sure it would have fit through the trunk in either one of our cars) and the icing on the cake was that we saw so many people on youtube doing it themselves at home. That gave us the confidence to try it ourselves. After buying a $2 glass cutter at Home Depot, and re-watching a few of the better instructional videos we set up shop in our bonus room and it honestly went really well (Catherine gets all the credit for the steady hand and good scoring job). The hardest part was removing that existing behemoth as it was heavy and hard to handle.

From there, we painted the wall above the vanity, let it dry, and installed the two new, smaller mirrors in their place. We kept them frame-less to maximize the usable area of the smaller mirrors. It also kept a modern feel in the space. We then cut a 1×6 poplar down to the desired length for 3 shelves and set about the task of using small, unobtrusive L-brackets to mount the boards to the wall. These brackets might not have been good enough to hold larger objects but are plenty good for simply holding toiletries.

Here’s a bit of a preview of how the shelves and mirrors turned out. We still aren’t sure whether we will leave them natural, stain, or paint the wood. We are kind of leaning toward painting the shelves the same Cloud White as the shiplap boards over the tub to blend them in a little more:

diy mirror cutting and shelves

I know, I know – it’s a fairly minor update, but it took a decent amount of planning and several hours of menial labor and waiting for paint and caulk to dry etc. We did finally get our new succulent pots in the mail from Schoolhouse Electric this week so we spent a little time potting our two plants and even though it is not an exciting update for a blog post, we were both very happy with the quality of the vases we received (and happy that the plants weren’t sitting in their temporary plastic containers anymore):



Thanks for sticking with us! If all goes well, the next post will be about finishing the shiplap wall: counter-sinking nails, wood putty, sanding, painting…all of the high-labor, low-reward work but it’s got to be done.


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