Master Bathroom Update #1

A quick sneak peak at how our Master Bathroom is coming along.

We talked a big game a couple weeks ago when we talked about the plans for giving our master bathroom a face-lift. Well, sometimes this blog helps keep us on track as I feel compelled to have an update to share. So, even though we have both been working lots of OT, we found the time to make some progress on this project.

First off, a reminder that we started here:

master bathroom before

Then we painted 90% of the bathroom in Benjamin Moore’s “American White.” It is a very cool-toned, very light grey. Notice the yellowy-beige areas at the top of the wall above the tub and the areas around the lights that we had not completed when I took this shot. Yuck. That color did not work with anything we had planned. But the American White is extremely serene. It was definitely the right choice.

benjamin moore american white

If that’s not a calming grey then I don’t know what is.

Next, we made a huge trip to Home Depot. We picked up 12 1×6 pre-primed pine boards. The pre-primed was a little more expensive but it is going to make this project a lot easier. The paint that will be going on the boards already has the primer in it and is a barely off white so it should be a one-and-done on the pre-primed boards which will save a lot of time.

We started at the bottom just above the tub and worked our way up. To keep consistent spacing for a nice shadow-line (which is crucial to the look we are going for) we used quarters. I was going to use nickels, but they did not have a big enough diameter and sat too far back in-between the boards, making them hard to get out to use in the next row.

quarter spacers

I spaced 4 quarters out along each previous row when putting the next row up. Then I would drill pilot holes, tack in place with a finishing nail, and then remove the quarters. Rinse and repeat. 12 times. (Of course, all the boards were cut to length before being placed on the wall using the great miter saw Catherine’s dad gave us). At the end of the day, this is how it looked – and notice the Anthropologie towels, the succulents on the window ledge too. The look is starting to come together:

shiplap boards bathroom renovation

Besides the fact that we still need to go back and counter-sink all the nails, add a few more to pull it closer to the back wall in a few spots, caulk, sand, and then finally paint everything, it is already looking great. Of course, somehow I did my math wrong and we were 2 boards short. doh! It sucks being an engineer and admitting that you did some basic division wrong. On the bright side, we will not need to end up ripping the last board lengthwise because we completely lucked out that it will work perfectly for the very top board to be a 1×2. It will finish the job very cleanly next weekend.

So for now, that’s where we are. I hope you all are enjoying the progress. We’ve still got a long way to go (cutting mirrors, installing shelves, installing hooks, making and hanging art, choosing/buying/installing new lights, etc. but this felt like a big step in the right direction!

Have a great Monday.


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