Our Master Bathroom | Introduction & Planning

The list of  “in progress” projects grows.

After taking a break from projects due to simply not having enough free time, we decided to start back on something new and fresh. Yes, this is despite the fact we are still working on our entryway (though almost complete), our dining room (ditto), our kitchen (let’s not go there), our Master Bedroom (also almost complete)…you get the picture. However, we both decided  a good way to get back into doing projects was by starting on something that was new that we were energized about.

For starters, let’s take a look at some of the “before” pictures of our bathroom. Like most other rooms in our house, it is functional but bland and not to our personal taste. Please excuse the mess as we were in cleaning mode for our bedroom and bathroom when I remembered to take these pictures.

Like I said, bland and not to our personal taste. But, we’ve lived with it for a long time, because frankly what’s the room in the house guests are least likely to see? Even less likely than the master bedroom? Answer: The master bathroom. After waking up to this room every morning, it finally has gotten on our nerves and we forged forward trying to find some inspiration for this room.

Now, maybe it was the hiatus that let us get our creative groove back, or maybe the hiatus let our skills dull to the point where we simply got excited at the first idea that popped into our heads, but in the matter of one afternoon we suddenly had some pretty crystal clear visions for this bathroom. To express our inspiration to you all, I developed a mood board to help you envision the look and feel we are going for (please click the image to see it in full scale):

master bathroom mood board

To highlight some of the items that were our inspiration, I have numbered them so that I can provide a little more explanation.

1: Along the back wall over the tub, we immediately got the idea of going with a painted shiplap board look because it can straddle both modern and classic. That wall is the main thing you see when you look into the bathroom from our bedroom and it really is just boring. This would be a cheap and fairly simple upgrade to add a lot of visual interest that we could layer on top of for a very custom, high-end look. A very quick glance at what we were doing to help ourselves visualize this change:

2: To expand on the thought of ‘layering’ earlier, item #2 would be an eye-catching hanging light fixture that would contrast against the white or light painted shiplap boards. Something in black would go with anything and a touch of gold-toned metal would tie in some of the other warm-toned metals we want to incorporate. The chandelier here is from Schoolhouse Electric.

3: Tacking on to the idea of layering is the plan to hang a large piece of artwork directly centered over the shiplap boards. To some it may seem silly to spend that effort putting the boards up and then immediately cover them, but that is why layering works so well. It looks very ‘complete’ and has depth so that one item isn’t begging for all of your attention. The item here is from Schoolhouse Electric, but it is just an inspiration piece as we plan to create the art ourselves DIY (and utilize a thrift store find to make it a cheap project!)

4: This is a fun item, also from Schoolhouse Electric, that would serve as a multi-purpose hook for towels and other miscellaneous items Catherine may want to hang on her side of the sink. It would replace the single loopy hook that you can currently see in the before pictures above.

5: As you can see in the shiplap ‘visual’ above, we plan to utilize succulents to dress up the window ledge. We just love these planters from Schoolhouse Electric, but West Elm has some similar ones. Yes, you can tell what site we were browsing all weekend right? I just knew that they had the exact kind of vintage modern look we were going for!

6: These towels from Anthropologie are the perfect complement to the color scheme and organic modern feel we want in our bedroom. We actually went out and picked these up this weekend to check them off our list!

7: This is an Animals in Moire print by Andrea Minini from Society 6. It would be a simple, monochromatic look to use potentially on another wall in our bathroom (next to item #9)

8: Another succulent planter.

9: We actually are already using a pair of these in our entryway post, but we loved them so much (beautiful, high-quality, and functional) we are considering them for use in our master bathroom for additional hanging as well.

Keep in mind that our budget for this overhaul is limited: we are not currently planning to remove the fiberglass shower and tile it (though we both would LOVE to), and we also are currently planning to work with the existing cabinetry as it is good enough and probably not worth the cost of changing in this house. This is a “budget” face lift.

With that being said, what do you think of our inspiration for the bathroom? Boring? Love it? Not for you?


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