Society 6 NYC Prints | (And back from hiatus…)

As you may or may not have noticed, we went on quite a hiatus here this summer. Well, time-permitting, we are back!

Between work, vacation, and other things tying us up this summer we really let the home improvement projects slack and as a result the blog laid dormant as well. We’ve been trying to rectify that over the past couple weeks and get back into the swing of things. We have been working on or planning our entryway, our upstairs guest bathroom, our master bathroom and our dining room just to name a few things. For today’s post though, we’ll keep it simple and focus on something that was a secondary effort in the upstairs guest bathroom.

In planning out the budget-friendly overhaul to this bathroom, one of the requirements we had was to come up with DIY artwork that fit the mood and color scheme of this room. Given our recent extended trip to NYC (which we may share on here at some point), we had several pictures as well as lots of urban inspiration at our fingertips and on our mind respectively. We ended up developing 4 pieces of photography mixed with some simple but modern colorful shapes, one of which we will be using. However, instead of simply keeping these pieces to ourselves (like we do with most of our DIY artwork), we decided to try something different and actually put them for sale on Society 6.

Now, we really don’t expect to make any money off of these, but the idea is at least fun so why not? We may even do this with some other DIY art projects we have done in the past. That’s the beauty of Print to Order, especially if you are not a full-time artist (which, if it isn’t already obvious, we certainly are not):  no overhead for us so if no one ever orders anything we aren’t out any money.

Anyway, here are the four prints that we developed and now have up for salehere:

modern art print

modern art print

modern art print

modern art print

Thoughts? Feedback?

More posts coming soon hopefully!


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