Bloordale Reno | Black Lab Architects

I just had to share this bright, clean renovation that I ran across this week.

The project is brought to us by Black Lab Architects out of Ontario. Completed in 2011, the target was a semi-detached home making the most of a small Toronto footprint. I think the final product here is sophisticated yet understated in a nice way.

Of course, the project appealed to me even more when I read that they actually took the effort to improve the home’s insulation as well as install a higher efficiency water heater and furnace on the job. So many people do not want to spend the money to improve insulation when they renovate an old building and it really should be in your budget. The reason? Once you close up the walls, it is tough and expensive to try and make that change later. You can always wait a little while to add that new rug or new sofa that you may have had to cut out of your budget, but they are easy adds down the road.

But, I’ll step down off my soapbox for now. Less rambling and more pictures right? The whole project can be viewed at Black Lab Architects:


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