Back after the break…

You have may have noticed the lack of posts over the past month.

After finally getting our living room to 99.99%, we were lucky enough to be featured on Apartment Therapy. That was really fun for us to be able to share our project and see so many people have a positive reaction to something we worked so hard on planning on seeing through. However, both of us have been extremely busy with our jobs and we simply have not had any time in the past month to really do hardly any house projects. And, when we did have time to do something for the house, it has typically been seasonal chores such as mowing, mulching, water, weeding, etc. Of course none of that makes for good blog material.

Additionally, our 13 year old refrigerator died. The compressor was shot and it simply was not worth fixing it.That also put a damper on some of the housing projects as it ate into the home improvement budget. I can at least say that we did a TON of research and ended up extremely happy with our purchase. It was not a “fun” or cheap purchase but it actually is a nice refrigerator and an improvement over the old one, even if it was an improvement we didn’t plan to make. I may actually do a full product review of it sometime just as a recommendation to others.

It’s also a pretty nice looking refrigerator so I guess we did slightly improve the look of our kitchen (Whirlpool WRF736SDAM)

Whirlpool refrigerator

Hopefully we will be back to providing some regular blog content shortly!


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