Sourcing Kitchen Table Legs

Our first post in awhile covers a little more local thrifting luck.

Remember just a few weeks ago when we were discussing our kitchen makeover planning? Yes, it’s been a few weeks since we posted, but work has been hectic and the weather has been nice so we’ve been outside more.

Anyway, one of our plans for the makeover is a new kitchen table as we showed here in this mock-up for our kitchen renovation:

diy kitchen table

The legs I have shown in that picture are ones that I was pricing out on etsy. We needed something that could potentially support a quartz top and also had some sort of mounting plate to screw to plywood that the quartz would get attached to. Those trapezoidal steel legs are cool, but looked like they were going to cost us about $150 per leg to get them made properly. A fair price and that was our plan…until stopping at a local thrift store.

As usual, one Saturday morning we were out thrifting. Since our house is getting quite furnished, we were actually out looking for clothes and not furniture (I scored a $5 wool blazer and a plethora of $1 ties among other things on the same day) but we ran across a certain 80s or 90s looking modern table. The table top was a pretty “meh” faux-wood but the legs were welded tube steel supports with some cool, welded angled feet. Very strong and I felt pretty confident that it would hold a quartz table top

After being impressed enough to check it out further, I looked underneath and saw that the legs already had a flanged mounting plate welded to the top which is exactly what we would need (we would screen a plywood piece to these legs and then use construction adhesive to attach a table top on top of the plywood).

(here it is with a pretend setup in our in-progress reading room just to test out chairs with the table height. Oh yeah, a random dress shoe snuck in the shot too)

What do you think? We may need to spray paint them but I think they could make for a really cool and unique setup with almost an atomic flair. And, did we mention that the entire setup with 4 chairs and the table was $40?? We only needed the legs but we may even be able to sell some of the chairs to come out net-neutral.

Also, hopefully we will have some after pictures for our living room soon! All we need now in that room is some time and a good sunny day…


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