Our Kitchen | Introduction & Planning (Part I)

Keeping the ball rolling, here’s another room we plan to tackle this year. This room would be our biggest project yet.

As every other Introduction & Planning post has started, we’ll begin by posting some “before” pictures. This is the kitchen of the house before we moved in. I REALLY wish I had the pictures from when we actually viewed this house. Burnt orange walls, green counters, green floors…it was not a pretty sight. In these pictures, the homeowner had already painted the kitchen beige before we moved in.

Fairly unoffensive but also completely unimaginative.

Here is the rough dimensioning that I did to send to some counter companies for quotes:

For cost reasons, we are going to essentially leave the cabinets where they are. I would love to change them out but we just cannot justify the cost for our neighborhood. The appliances will also be staying. We did however plan to paint, change the counters, change the beige vertical blinds out for curtains, add a backsplash, add open shelving, change the hardware on the cabinets, change the lighting in the kitchenette/breakfast nook corner, add a modern kitchen table in place of the bistro table, and of course like every other room on the first floor we planned to replace the flooring with our 6″ birch planks.

One other thing that is hard to explain without a picture is that we plan to cut down the bar-height portion of our counters before we replace the laminate with quartz. I do not mind bar-height counters at all, but it simply does not work with our setup. The overhang is not big enough (and cannot be increased much without being in the walk-way) and it is not wide enough either. This next picture is the dimensioned kitchen as proposed with the bar-height portion cut down so that it is all the same height:

You will notice this should give us a LOT more working surface area around the sink.

So what have we done so far? Well we’ve painted the walls a soft grey, changed out the floors, changed out the door hardware, changed out the breakfast nook light fixture, added some open shelving, and added some art, and replaced the vertical blinds with curtains. Excuse the mess but here’s a small update showing where we are today:

Not a small change (in fact a lot has changed since those initial pictures), but it still feels so incomplete because we tackled all the low-hanging fruit so to speak and still haven’t started the largest portions of the makeover. We have spent a lot of time planning and these are some rough concept images I did in Photoshop for counters, lighting, new table and chairs, and new tilework on the walls.

Thoughts on our progress so far? Any input on the last two planning images/mockups? We’ll have lots more updates coming on this kitchen this spring as we pick our materials, figure out our sourcing for the new kitchen table, etc.


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