Our Dining Room | Introduction & Planning

Add another room to the “in progress” list.

This time, we’re detailing the start of the work in our dining room. When we toured the house, this is what the space looked like:

(I apologize for the poor quality)

To us, it had no personality and just felt bland, plus the carpet had to go. So we obviously began planning our makeover. We had some intermediate stages while we didn’t have the funds set aside for this room but we are now getting close to actually being able to finish the room as we would like it in this house. So for starters, we changed out nearly all the carpet downstairs to a 6″ plank birch hardwood. This work included the dining room. Here is a camera phone picture of the dining room floor before any furniture was moved back in:

Already the room was feeling larger by having the same flooring as the adjacent entryway and the adjacent kitchen. But now the real planning began.

We started with a rug. Despite looking like hearts, it is actually supposed to be water droplets. It is a high quality rug from Thomas O’Brien that we got on a great sale:

We wanted a mix of modern and traditional in this dining room (our house itself is very transitional) so we chose to use curtains in this space (we have used them very sparingly in our house) and tie the colors in with the rug. We settled on these curtains from West Elm:

For the dining table, eventually, we would LOVE to get a vintage, sleek, mid-century inspired table. But for now, we went with a very Parsons-style solid wooden table from World Market. It’s not our absolute favorite but it was good quality for the price we paid. To mix things up, we got 2 wooden chairs that went with the table and then also picked up a solid wooden bench for the other side. In addition to this table and chairs, we are utilizing the 2 white wire chairs (as head chairs) that I picked up out of town last year:

We also have a few other things going on here but we are still finalizing them and we want to have some things to reveal later of course.

For the walls, we chose to add some chair rail in this room. Definitely more of a traditional touch but it matched the house and added a little more interest even though it isn’t very “modern”. Below the chair rail, we painted the walls a soft but warm grey. However, above the chair rail we wanted to add a pop of color since the rest of our house is mainly grey walls.

For an example of this color, take a look at this picture from a great design sponge post:

It has a lot of richness to it. It is bold but classy and not to child-like or immature.

Finally, the last big item to plan is that we are doing a massive gallery wall behind the table. It will cover the entire length of the wall from chair rail to ceiling. This is a pretty big undertaking and requires committing to a lot of art work that all works together but isn’t too match, works with the colors in the room, reflects multiple kinds of art styles, and all fits to scale on the wall. This is the main project we are still working on in the room. (We will also be adding a few DIY art pieces to this room as part of this project to keep costs down).

This is the wall in progress as we finished painting it and were spacing out the potential artwork:

For now, here’s a sneak peek of the space. You can see the two wall colors, the chair rail, our cheap but nifty Target bar-cart find, the STEAL of a glass decanter that we got from a thrift store, as well as a few pieces of art and some Crate & Barrel glassware. What do you think so far?

modern dining room makeover


2 responses to “Our Dining Room | Introduction & Planning

    • Thank you! We were super happy with how it turned out. We went with eggshell in this room as opposed to flat and it looks great getting natural light during the day.

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