Vendor Spotlight: Society 6

Got some blank walls screaming for unique artwork? Look no further.

Artwork is important. Beyond furniture and other accessories it’s one of the things that gives your house personality. Art makes a large statement for your abode. Often the difference between a well-decorated space and a well-decorated space that says “wow” or looks polished is artwork on the wall.

So what’s the point of this post? The point is that artwork can be expensive. There is lots of great art out there that we just can’t justify spending money on right now (especially original paintings); however, we still want some eye-catching, unique pieces to put on the wall. As you may have seen in a few of our other posts, one of our solutions has been making our own art (as seen here over our bed):

However, one of our other big solutions has been Society 6. They offer your standard products: prints, framed prints, wrapped canvases, but they also have upped their game recently and now offer a variety of other items. Some of my favorites are decent quality throw pillows, mugs, and wall clocks. Due to the art offerings, this provides you endless possibilities beyond what you might normally find at a nice decor store like West Elm, CB2, etc.

So we’ve talked about the offerings, but why do we like this site so much? The art they do offer is submitted directly by the artist’s themselves, a large portion of the profits go directly to the artists, and there is a HUGE selection to choose from. Additionally, their prices are very reasonable, including reasonably priced framed art.

If our gushing hasn’t convinced you, here’s a small sampling of some of the pieces I’ve been browsing and pinning this week:

Have any of you out there used Society 6 before? Any artists you would like us to highlight?


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