Our Latest Thrift Store Haul

How $30 went a long way for us this past weekend.

We had not been able to hit up our local thrift stores lately so we took the opportunity while we had some free time this past weekend. The first store we went to was a bust, and the 2nd store wasn’t any better at first, but on the way out we stopped in the books section and found several decent scores with interesting covers. This little bit of luck continued with a few smaller items at the 3rd store as well.

There were no home runs but we snagged a whole lot of quality, smaller items for $30. The haul included: 5 hardcover books, 1 paperback book, 2 picture frames, and 1 glass decanter.

The glass decanter was $5. Seriously. Places like Crate & Barrel sell a decanter of this quality for ~$40 so this was a good snag. The picture frames both have very unappealing art inside, but they are also both custom frames of good quality. The thinner, contemporary one is a gold metal while the scalloped one is a painted wood. These together were $15. That is a serious steal for a quality frame! We will of course be changing the art out ourselves, but we have several places in the house that we could use either of these.

For used books, we tend to look for 2 things: 1) books we are interested in AND/OR 2) books that have nicely-designed hardcovers. They were all interesting topics/stories (including a 70 year old Math book and a bright pink anthropologie textbook) and there was some seriously style going on with the covers. These books will either make an appearance in our living room or reading room.

Hopefully we’ll find some more exciting second-hand stuff to post about soon!



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