Danish Chair Makeover | Fabric Update

In continuation of our previous post, the fabric arrived and is pretty perfect.

In extremely rare form, the fabric sample we ordered arrived in the mail this week and actually looks exactly like it did in the picture online. This may seem like a very stupid thing to get excited about, but let me assure you that this is the first time this has ever happened to us.

Quite often the fabric samples are so far off from what you see online that it compels you to check (and then double check) the sticker on the back to make sure what you ordered online is actually what you received in the mail. We won’t even tell you how many fabric samples we went through when picking out the fabric for our custom Younger sofa (we’ll get to that in another post). But for now, here is a quick snapshot of the fabric resting on the chair in our reading room (sadly and a bit ironically, the picture on my phone actually skewed the color some compared to how it looks in real life):

danish chair fabric

And oh yeah, that’s a sneak peak of the reading room as well. Remember where we started when we moved into this house? Here’s a reminder:

reading room before

So along with the fabric update, you’re getting a bit of a reveal for paint, curtains, flooring, a rug, and the chair in the room. Hopefully we’ll have more to show soon!


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