Living Room Makeover| Introduction

Welcome to our Living Room project.

I’m going to mix things up a bit and save the “Planning” portion of our living room for a totally separate post. So today’s post is simply an introduction.

We’re actually about 95% done with our living room project since it was the first thing we truly started tackling but we haven’t really posted much about it on this blog. The only thing you have seen so far on here would be our DIY built-ins post where we converted our old TV nook. I guess that serves as a sneak peak of some of the things we have done, but for now let’s get back to the introduction.

Here is the living room as it was in the listing for our house. [I’ll pause for you to cringe]

I’m not sure what they were trying to do and I’m not sure if they did either. Luckily we saw past that (and their other, equally as bad real estate listing photos for this house) and realized the potential in the house. Either way, they painted it beige before we moved in and we were left with a blank slate.

Here it was the day the we moved in:

living room makeover 1

living room makeover 2

living room makeover 3

As in most other rooms, the furniture we had was a mixture of college furniture and pieces I got at Rooms To Go to furnish my first solo apartment. It served its purpose at the time (needed something decent and cheap that I wasn’t afraid to part with down the road) but did not work for us at all in this house. Besides wanting to actually jazz our own house up a bit, the scale was just wrong on these overstuffed pieces. They closed off the whole room and ate up a lot of space.

But, beyond the furniture, the windows looked terrible without trim, the transition between 3 floors was aggravating (cheap hardwood in the foyer, carpet in the living room proper, and green vinyl sheet in the kitchen), the unused CRT TV nook was an eyesore, dirty-looking beige-colored blinds, and several other small things we wanted to fix in this room. Luckily, besides the flooring, all of it was fairly easy and cheap to fix! It just took paint and some cheap DIY projects to fix those issues before we could move on to designing the rest of the space. The space overall was good, it just needed a lot of TLC and some brain-storming to layout this long & narrow room.

Sometime this week we will post up the Planning stages of our room (including a Google Sketchup model, a custom sofa, and some bargain deals). Looking forward to revealing more about this room!


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