Happy New Year! | (And new furniture lines)

Happy New Year everyone! Anyone want to guess what I love about this time of year?

Often this time of year can be slightly depressing; for a lot of people it means cold weather, grey skies, leafless trees etc. While I find a certain beauty in winter, it can easy to be a bit “down” after the big holiday lead-in that keeps a lot of people excited through fall and early winter.

One of the things that I always look forward to at the start of a new year is the new line of furniture and accessories at all of my favorite stores. What new twists will they offer on items they offered last year? What new colors will be popular this year? What retro style will they try to bring back? It’s always really fun and often provides a lot of new design inspiration and “jumping off points” for me to think about in the coming year.

I plan to aggregate some of my favorite new pieces into a new post in the coming weeks highlighting all the piecesI am drooling over. But, for today’s post, I decided to simply link to a few of the new collections from some of the biggest retailers we frequent. Take a few minutes to browse the latest furniture and accessories you are likely to start seeing all over pinterest, houzz, etc.

Room & Board 2014 Collection

West Elm Winter 2014 New Items

Crate & Barrel Winter 2014 New Items

Ikea’s New Stockholm Collection

Younger Furniture (new items in each section)

Happy browsing! Any particular favorites?


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