Reading Room | Introduction & Planning

A logical follow-up to our Black Friday furniture post, today we are looking at our Reading Room.

Hope everyone has had a good time over the holidays. We’ve been relaxing, visiting family, and also doing a little planning for our reading room. We had been a little stuck for awhile in our reading room, but after getting our new settee and desk it kind of kick-started the design process in that room. But first, let’s take a look at the layout of this room.

I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I couldn’t find a good before picture of this particular room. I’ll have to go back through our old camera one more time. For now, I found a before picture of our dining room and made some minor edits in Photoshop to represent our reading room as it was on the day we moved in (since it is essentially a mirror of the dining room):

reading room before

Basically a 10×10 room with a big window. Totally blank canvas – which can be a blessing compared to so many people who have to do a lot of demo before they can even start.

As part of our overall updates in the house the flooring in this room is 6″ Birch planks, so the cheap carpet has already been taken care of. We have also purchased 2 solid wood bookcases that were a great deal from an unclaimed furniture store nearby. Additionally, you may recall a certain vintage Danish chair we found. We still plan to re-do it in a new fabric, but it will be finding its home in this room:

vintage danish chair

However, that’s enough introduction for now. With the new furniture purchases at West Elm, we had to start picking out some of the finishing touches.

If you’ve followed the blog at all, you’ll know that we use all sorts of tools when designing rooms: Google Sketch-up, Houzz idea boards, Pinterest boards, etc. Today’s planning reveals another simple tool that we use: Photoshop. If you are the least bit familiar with the Photoshop Creative Suite series version(or even the Elements version), don’t overlook the power of using Photoshop as a mood-board tool with lots of editing capabilities. The following picture was generated quickly today and focuses on the vignette that will be the wall featuring the Mid-Century desk.

reading room planning

Featured is a slate-blue, sculptural floor lamp from Crate & Barrel paired with the desk, a black and brass table lamp, a white eames shell chair, and 3 pieces of art we curated from Society 6.

Thoughts so far? Stay tuned for more updates on this room!


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