Black Friday Purchases

Finally some new furniture purchases for us to blog about.

First off, let me say that we are normally not shoppers on Black Friday. In fact, we do our limited amount of holiday shopping online typically and have it ship right to our door. Some people love it, but not us. However, we had been wanting to get to a West Elm in person again and we don’t have one in our city. We do however have one in Charlotte where we visit parents. And, as you probably know, it can be very hard to buy furniture online without seeing it in person. At least it is for us; sometimes I really need to see the fabric and scale in person before we can pull the trigger.

So, this year we braved the crowds and trekked to the Charlotte West Elm to look at a few pieces. It didn’t hurt that they were 25% off for Black Friday either. Fortunately (or unfortunately for our home improvement budget)they looked even better in person than they did online!

The two pieces we are talking about here are the James Harrison Settee and the Mid-Century desk.

First up is the James Harrison Settee:

james harrison settee

james harrison settee

We loved the mixture of drama and mid-century in this piece. It’s a strange mix of traditional and modern that just really works. In a small way, it had some similarities to the papa bear loveseat I’ve always thought was so awesome:

papa bear chair

Of course, the papa bear version is often several thousand dollars even for one that needs to be refinished and reupholstered if you can even find one. Needless to say, this one was much more reasonably priced for us.

The settee will be going in our “reading room.” We’ll certainly have a planning post and “before” pictures of this room up soon. For now, this second piece is also going to be utilized in our reading room. If you’ve followed our blog at all, you may notice that we already have one of the mid-century nightstands being used in our bedroom makeover. Just a gorgeous piece of furniture. Then, when we saw this desk, we knew it would fit in our reading room makeover perfectly. Such classic lines with mid-century flair.

midcentury mid-century desk

I will point out that we normally have tried to get a lot of items second-hand or authentic to the mid-century period in our house. However, we have kept it fresh by getting a few new pieces like these that have that flair with a slightly contemporary feel. I had tried to find a used, mid-century desk near us for quite awhile, but the very few I ever ran across were just more than I wanted to pay. I can’t say that I am upset with our decision to finally pick this one up from West Elm.

I really wish I could show you all more from this room right now, but I just don’t have anything ready. Between the holidays and work, I just haven’t been online nearly as much lately. We’ll try to have a few new posts up over the next few weeks but no promises. Hopefully everyone’s holidays and year end festivities are going/go as planned!


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