Consignment Score | Mid-Century Inspired Bar Cabinet

Say hello to our living room bar cabinet.

This isn’t a brand new item, but I realized that we had not covered this item yet on the blog. We don’t normally do much shopping at consignment stores, simply because the deals aren’t quite as good as thrift stores or craigslist etc. The main issue is that many decent consignment stores “know” what they have; they do the research to find a fair price and they want to sell as high as possible since they typically only get part of the sale amount. However, you can still get some deals that are better than buying an item brand new, especially if you stay away from truly collectible or rare items (for example, you are probably not going to get much of a steal on an Eames lounge chair at a decent consignment shop).

This particular piece was at a local consignment shop that very rarely has modern items. Being in the south, most of the second-hand pieces we see are much more traditional country or euro-traditional in style. One particular day when checking their inventory, I ran across a bar cabinet that happened to be nearly the exact dimensions I was looking for. This is significant because we had run across several pieces we loved, but mid-century credenzas with hutches or cabinets tend to be much longer than we had room for in this room. I love those long credenzas by we just had no room in this spot. And, while not true mid-century, this piece was obviously inspired by that era and it was VERY well made. Completely solid wood (and as we found out when we bought and moved it, it is HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY).

Here’s how it looked when we bought it:

mid century bar cabinet

Very subtle style but it absolutely looks great in our house. It reminded me a lot of Room & Board’s Grove Cabinet:

mid century bar cabinet

The lines on that Room & Board piece and ours are VERY similar and the quality is completely comparable in our piece. The big difference? Their bar cabinet retails for $2100-$2900 and we got ours for less than $500. So while we didn’t score this piece for $25 at goodwill, it was still a huge discount off of retail price for a quality item.

And of course, pictures of it in our own home will be coming in the near future.


4 responses to “Consignment Score | Mid-Century Inspired Bar Cabinet

  1. Beautiful piece of furniture. Here in the UK, pretty much everybody knows the value of everything hence the drive to buy Danish furniture design from abroad

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