Master Bedroom | Before & Planning

Today we have a few “before” pictures and some planning to share for our Master Bedroom makeover.

If you couldn’t tell, we have several projects going on at once. One of the biggest ones is our master bedroom. Like many people, it was one of the last rooms we really started messing with because other people don’t see it. I completely agree that is very backward logic since we spend every night in there and our projects center around our personal wants and needs, but it is just a fact that a lot of people are like us and put off messing with their master bedroom. Well, we are proud that we won’t have to keep our master bedroom door closed much longer!

Just to kick it off immediately, here are two pictures of our bedroom not long after we moved in. As you can see, we had little to no furniture in this room. A few hand-me-down pieces we were grateful to receive from our relatives but that was it. Not even a bed frame; we rocked the mattress on a boxspring on the floor for quite awhile I’m afraid to say.

bedroom before 1

bedroom before 2

I guess we could have made the bed for the pictures, but why bother? Lipstick on a pig as they say. I apologize that the picture quality was so low: we did not have a nice camera at the time and just the camera on my phone. These pictures are actually fairly old since we hadn’t done anything to this room for a long time until very recently.

Of course, before we did anything, we had to have a plan. That’s a key to any good design. If you try and wing it (at least when WE try and wing it), we seem to always end up changing a lot out or having several pieces individually that are good but just don’t mesh well. Our master is honestly quite a good size. By good I don’t mean it is large, rather it is a pretty comfortable size. Not so large that we felt like we needed multiple sitting areas and lots of furniture to fill up wasted space, but also not so small that we couldn’t have a little fun with the layout. Here was our plan for the bedroom:

master bedroom layout plan

The idea was to get a long, mid-century style dresser for the wall across from our bed and hang a long mirror over that to both serve as art as well as extra mirror space in our bedroom. To the side of that, we planned on getting identical dressers from Ikea and using them to flank an Ikea wardrobe to give us extra hanging space. We also talked about dropping a chair in the corner on my side of the bed. For the Queen bed, we wanted one of two things: Either a bed with drawers or a bed sitting off the ground enough to allow us to slide bins or place shoes and other items neatly underneath so that the footprint of the bed was not wasted space. This is key in and small to medium sized bedroom in my opinion. On either side of the door leading into the bathroom, we planned to put a wall-mounted desk and shelving system (eyeing pieces from Crate & Barrel or CB2) as well as some wall-mounted shelving with a small dresser underneath for extra storage.

That was the gist of what we came up with from a layout perspective. In terms of design style and flair, we really, really wanted to go with something very light and airy – almost a minimalist Scandinavian feel using a palette of whites and greys with bold, saturated pops of color. Additionally, we planned to put flat-board chair rail around the whole room (white below and grey above) as well as trim out the 3 windows we have just to add some visual interest to a room that otherwise has no character.

If you recall, we have revealed a few individual pieces so far that are being used in the makeover process. First, our bedding came from Funkle out of Norway. We had a really fun time finding and buying that and absolutely LOVE it. Can’t wait to reveal that. Additionally, we shared the dresser that we chose in this post.

modern dresser

And, if you’ve been paying attention at all this week, we just did a 48″x24″ DIY art piece for this room as well:

DIY Wall Art
DIY modern wooden wall art

If you couldn’t tell, this room is going to have a lot of color to stand out against the cool grey and white walls and trim in this room.

As usual stay tuned for updates on this room. We have been working very hard to get it finished and are not far from a state where we are satisfied enough to post some decent “after” pictures.


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