DIY Artwork | Customized Painted Wood Wall Art

I’d love to say this project involved lots of hard work. In reality, this is one of the easiest DIY projects we have done around our house!

We are getting farther along in our Master Bedroom makeover (posts coming on that soon!) but one of the things we had not figured out yet was what artwork was going above our bed. We knew it needed to be big and make a statement. Once you see our bedroom, you will see our bed is flanked by two windows as well as a flat-board chair rail running just above the low headboard. This creates a perfect area bounded by the window trim on the sides, the ceiling above, and the chair rail and headboard below. That area was just begging for a large, statement art piece.

We already have some awesome Norwegian bedding purchased. It is very modern, geometric, colorful and really set the tone for the rest of the room design that we have done. Because of this, we really wanted a piece of art that captured the same spirit and complemented the colors and the tone of the colors in our bedding. After either coming up empty with store-bought browsing or having sticker-shock at the few true-artist or custom piece options we decided that we would just make something ourselves. Thus began our brainstorming.

Catherine came up with the idea to tape a design onto a canvas and paint it. I liked the direction, but I had seen lots of people do that and I felt like we needed to add a small twist. My suggestion was to buy a piece of wood veneer and then utilize the same tape and paint method, which would leave the blank/white space as wood grain, which I thought would add a little extra interest compared to a simple canvas background. Additionally, we have purposefully mixed several different type of wood tones in our bedroom, so this would add to the mix in a good way.

So, off we were to the closest Home Depot to get some cheap wood veneer. We got a small piece cut to 48″x24″ and headed to Michaels to pick out our craft paint. We brought along the pillowcase that came with our duvet set as a jumping-off-point for picking our colors. We picked a few that matched the colors on the pillow case and then also branched out to pick other colors that shared the same “tone”. Here’s a glance at our bare “canvas” and our collection of craft paints:

wood veneer

craft paint

Additionally, we used an assortment of craft paint brushes and picked up some removable semi moisture-resistant tape (resistant enough for the brief period of time we would have paint on top of it) at 1/2″ thick. We were actually looking for 1/4″ but we settled for 1/2″ and in retrospect 1/2″ ended up being the perfect width.

craft brushes and tape

Somehow I forgot to take a picture when the wood was totally taped but had not been painted at all yet. I think I was just too excited to work on this project and totally dropped the ball there… Regardless, here are a couple progress pictures displaying our “inspiration” pillow case, the taped pattern, and our dining room work space.

art in progress

art in progress

When we had finished taping and painting, I was excited but we were really tempering our expectations a good bit. Too often it is easy to have grand ideas in your head that just don’t turn out 100% in your DIY projects. I can safely say that this one exceeded our expectations once we removed the tape and cleaned up the work area. Ready for me to stop talking and just show you already?

Well here goes. I can’t wait to show it to you in our actual bedroom but this late-night-after-project picture will have to do for now!(also, don’t mind our in-progress dining room art wall in the background…):

DIY painted wood art project

Hope you like how it turned out as much as we did! We were SUPER happy and the whole thing probably only took an hour and a half and was SUPER cheap to make for the size art that it is. Better yet, it is one-of-a-kind and customized exactly for our space. I highly recommend the fun task of trying a DIY art project to personalize your own home.

Stay tuned for our Master Bedroom makeover plans!

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