Bonus Room Reupholstery | Part 2 of 2

A quick recap and then some reveals…

Both our Bonus Room Makeover Introduction and Bonus Room Reupholstery | Part 1 of 2 posts talked about the two vintage pieces that we were reupholstering for use in our bonus room.

For a reminder, here are the two pictures of the chair that we found second-hand:

danish chair

Here is an additional picture showing the side profile:

danish chair

In the previous post, we talked about our inspiration chairs and how we ended up choosing Robert Allen’s Modern Felt Natural for a very nice neutral color that would pair well with the grey on the sofa and the greige (BM Edgecomb Grey) on the walls. I can honestly say this piece exceeded our expectations when we got it back. I knew it would look good and had envisioned it 100 times in my mind, but I didn’t know it would look this good:

danish modern chair vintage reupholstery

The last-second decision to add two-button tufts was the right call. They really add the final touch. There is no way we could get this piece brand new for anywhere close to the price we paid for getting it cheap second-hand + fabric and labor. This was certainly one of our biggest scores + transformations yet! If I seem excited it’s because I am. Getting this chair and sofa into the room really helped me start to see this project finally coming together. We’ve been planning it for what seems like forever, but it has taken longer since we were very picky about finding used pieces for this room.

So on to the sofa.

If you remember, here’s how it looked siting in my parents’ new house:

vintage couch

The previous post listed our inspiration sofas and I also mentioned that my parents bought this couch before I was born. Well, just to prove that, my dad texted me a photo he took today. I was hoping they could scan these pictures for me, but the best my parents could do on short notice was to take a picture of the two photographs they have:

jamie on the old sofa

Those are two different pictures of me on my parents’ old sofa that is now living on in our bonus room. And yes, that is an NC State sweatsuit I am wearing. No, my parents are not from North Carolina and neither of them went to NC State. However, I had an NC State blanket and an NC State sweatsuit as a kid and I ended up going there. Talk about premonition on my parents’ part. (Or possibly unintended subliminal messages). In any case, back to the sofa. (drum roll…)

vintage sofa reupholstered

The upholsterer did an excellent job on this piece too. The one mistake he made was that he did 5 individual bottom cushions instead of 2 bench cushions for the seat. There was nothing I could really do at this point and I still think the piece turned out wonderfully. I do think the lines would have been cleaner and more modern with the bench cushions and I think the overall transformation would have been more shocking, but we are still very, very happy with the pieces. This one needed a lot of work (completely new foam, springs were badly sagging, etc.) and now it feels brand new. This sectional all-in probably saved us 50% compared to buying one of comparable quality brand new. HUGE savings there and it has a fun story behind it as it lives on in my family now. In case anyone is wondering, this piece was upholstered in Robert Allen’s Modern Felt Charcoal. Keeping the two pieces using the same fabric with different dyes really tied them together without feeling matchy-matchy.

For now, that’s all we can show you though! Sorry for the cropped and roughly-staged pictures. We still have work to do in that room to complete the whole space, so I didn’t want to show too much, but I really wanted to at least take some quick pictures to display the transformation of the furniture itself.

Overall, the whole experience exceeded our expectations we can’t wait to finish the space. Hopefully we inspired someone else to find an old piece and give it new life!


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