Bonus Room Reupholstery | Part 1 of 2

The pieces have finally been picked up by the upholsterer. Let’s take a look at our planning…

If you remember, back in our Bonus Room Makeover Introduction post, we mentioned that we utilized a lot of secondhand and vintage pieces for this room to keep the cost down. This also allowed us to have very unique pieces. Well, the biggest savings by far comes from the fact that the sectional sofa and chair that will be the main seating in this room were both vintage pieces that we are reupholstering.

The chair in the bonus room comes from a local secondhand store. And, while the fabric was very worn and dated, the lines of the chair and the exposed frame were both awesome, and when I saw the price tag of $140 I knew we had to have it. I could get it reupholstered in a decent fabric and still come out a lot cheaper than a new chair from a lot of our favorite furniture stores, and this would just be extra unique.

This is how it looked when we saw it – except for the fact that we had already removed a chandelier, several mirrors, and an assortment of other random items that were nearly completely covering it. We had been looking through this store for about an hour before we happened to run across this chair by chance on the way out:

danish chair

Here is an additional (very poorly shot) picture showing the side profile:

danish chair

We were planning to go with a very “natural” fabric to provide another neutral, but not a grey. Something along the lines of these fabrics:

danish chair

milo baughman

In the end, we decided on Robert Allen’s Modern Felt “Natural.” We are keeping all the piping and details the same on the upholstery on this piece, with the exception of adding 2 button-tufts to the back cushion. I am really excited about this since it will be the “statement” chair in this room.

The next piece is where we are saving a LOT of money in this room. My parents recently moved and when I was helping them move their stuff, I helped them move an old sofa that they said they were going to have Goodwill come and pick up. Now, this is a sofa that my parents have owned for as long as I can remember; in fact, I found out that day that they had purchased that sofa awhile before I was even born, making that sofa about 30 years old. We had literally just spoken about getting a sectional for our bonus room within the past month and decided that anything we liked was more than we wanted to spend in that room. It’s funny how I never paid attention to that sofa previously when my parents owned it, but when my parents told me they were donating it, suddenly I was able to look at it in a different way and see that the overall shape of the sofa was actually REALLY minimalist and would fit our style perfectly with some changes in the reupholstery process.

I told my parents to hold on to that sofa for a bit longer and I made a few calls to some different upholsters in our area the following week. The prices were very reasonable, and I was soon realizing that we could get this couch done exactly how we wanted, in a custom fabric, for about HALF of what we were going to pay for any of the brand new sectionals we had seen that we liked.

Here’s how it looked siting in my parents’ new house:

vintage couch

That’s actually pretty great right? I mean, the fabric is very worn, the springs need to be re-tied, and it needs all new foam, but the overall shape of the frame (which is is the one thing that is hard to change) is great. For reference, these are two of the couches that we were considering before we decided they were too expensive:

gus modern jane bi sectional
younger furniture scout sectional

When you really step back and look at it, how similar are the overall shapes of these two sofas to the one my parents had? In my opinion they are VERY similar. Low, sleek frames, thin track arms. All we really needed to do was get new bench cushions made instead of the 5 individual cushions, as well as get back cushions with a boxier shape compared to the more shape-less cushions my parents had on it. And, since we needed all new foam and new fabric anyway, that was going to cost us no extra than getting it re-done the same, so why not get it done exactly how we wanted?

We are using Robert Allen Modern Felt “Charcoal” on this piece so that the textures are similar but the colors are different. It still kind of provides a link between the two pieces. In addition, we are getting get 3 button-tufts on the back cushions like the Gus Modern picture above. We really went back and forth on the button-tufting on the bench cushions and made a game-day decision to NOT go with them. We thought they would help a bench cushion hold its shape better (they do tend to show wear in the foam more than individual cushions), but we had also heard too many stories of buttons popping off or catching stuff on seat cushions vs back cushions and decided against it at the last minute.

The upholsterer came and picked them up this week and he seemed very knowledgeable and was extremely friendly. I really hope it goes well so that I can recommend him to people I know in the area! As the over-prepared and detail-oriented engineer that I am, I had an annotated picture of my parents’ couch to hand him when he arrived. I had taken the above picture of the sofa, printed it, and marked on it with a red pen, detailing exactly what we did and didn’t want on each portion of the sofa. I’m hoping he didn’t think I was crazy, but he didn’t act surprised in the least. I suppose he deals with extremely picky interior designers all the time who may be worse than I am haha.

In the end, we should end up with 2 very personalized pieces for probably half the cost if we got both of them brand new. Additionally, both my parents and I think it is pretty awesome that their old sofa is going to get a whole new lease on life and might stay around in the family for quite some time still.

As of right now, we are probably looking at 3 weeks before we get them back. 3 long weeks.


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