Thrifting Lately

It’s been awhile since we’ve shown any thrifting scores. Here’s just a few of the items we’ve scored.

First up is a set of dessert plates as well as coordinating gravy boat and saucer. They all look like they came together in one set but they were in fact part of 2-3 separate thrift store finds oddly enough. Sorry for the poor phone pictures:

mid century plate and saucer

mid century plate and saucer

Catherine found these and they look really nice in our dining room. It doesn’t hurt that they were so darn cheap. The white and gold will go really well with the green and blue hues we are basing our dining room around. We can’t wait to show you our plan for that room as well.

Another thing we scored recently at our local goodwill was a set of 3 commercial chairs that have very modern lines. For $2 a piece. Seriously, two dollars. The great thing about them is that they are all welded construction with high-quality plastic. You can easily spend $100 on basic chairs from modern vendors that aren’t half as well made. No, they aren’t the most attractive colors…but we plan to paint them colors that coordinate with whatever rooms we use them in. And for $2 it’s a steal. We will most likely use them as additional seating in or bonus room. Since they are stackable, they can be stored easily and just be pulled out when we have extra guests.

modern chairs

And yes, Arya had to sneak into the picture. If you lived with her, you wouldn’t be surprised.

More second-hand finds will be posted soon!


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