Bonus Room Makeover | PART 1: Introduction

In an effort to kick-start the documenting of our house projects, we’re going to introduce you to our bonus room.

Here it is, in all its Move-In-Day glory 3.5 years ago:

bonus room before

This room had a lot of potential from the beginning and it was one reason we bought the house. It was designated to serve as a room for our foosball table, room for all my musical equipment, and also space for an extra living area. With all these uses in one room, it needed a lot of space planning. Unfortunately, all we had was a hodgepodge of furniture I had from college or stuff I got immediately after to quickly furnish an apartment. How great is that black particle board “media center” that I got for free? And those cords – everyone wants to see all our jumbled HDMI and power cables right? You’re probably wondering why we even wanted to redo this room!

bonus room before

bonus room before

In those two pictures, you can also see the darker grey color we tried to paint the room as a starting point. We thought because the space was fairly large that a dark color would be dramatic and not too dark. Unfortunately, it never worked out that way and it always made the space feel smaller and darker. It’s not a small space to paint and repaint either, but live and learn.

Over the past few months we have really worked on this room quite a bit. We have picked up a second-hand sectional sofa and a great retro chair that we are going to reupholster (posts coming soon on those). We scored a vintage buffet, vintage side table, and vintage coffee table. Notice a trend here? We really pushed ourselves in this room to scour for quality used items. With all the other stuff going on in our house, we wanted to keep the design cost down in the bonus room.

We also went ahead and put together a mood board for this room. Usually we use private pinterest boards to upload or pin items to help us plan out our spaces, but we just wanted to do something different here.

bonus room mood board

I never really thought we’d get a sectional sofa, but my parents were about to throw one out and the “sitting area” of our room is very conducive to a sectional since it is tucked into a corner of the room. The sofa in our inspirational mood board is Gus Modern’s “Jane Bi-Sectional” which is a great piece, but also way out of budget for this particular renovation. So, in a future post or two, we will document how we redo the sofa from my parents to get the same look for a lot less.

For now, I’ll leave you with a small progress picture. We’ve been painting walls, re-mounting TVs, and hiding cords this weekend. I don’t want to show any of the rest of the room since we still have a lot of work to do. The new paint color and vintage Kent Coffey buffet just looked too good today to not post something to show after this weekend. (Yes it is meant to be off-center. It should all make sense and feel balanced when all the other pieces are in place around it like art/accessories and shelving we plan to add).

bonus room progress

Also, the afternoon lighting was just perfect for that picture! (The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Grey)

We can’t wait to show you all the rest! Anyone else doing a lot of painting? Or reupholstering a sofa? Stay tuned for more introductions and updates for work around our house soon. What do you think of the progress snapshot or the mood board?

2 responses to “Bonus Room Makeover | PART 1: Introduction

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