Love it? Hate it? Wallpaper seems to elicit a very strong response on both sides of the fence.

Those who also can appreciate a good wallpaper in the right context will not be surprised by this post, but there are plenty out there who have adopted the notion that the idea of “wallpaper” as a whole is outdated, ugly, and passé. I too had that notion for the longest time because my limited exposure to anything interior design seemed to really push that same idea.

However, once I really started to get into design and finding my own style, I started to see several cases where wallpaper looked absolutely perfect to me. I began to realize that it wasn’t “wallpaper” that is outdated, but rather the patterns that seem to wax and wane in [mass] popularity. Yes, colors too, but patterns seem to come and go quicker in terms of mass popularity.

So what does this mean? Well for starters, if you are someone who is worried about whether your style is “in” or worried your decor will lean heavily to a certain time period, wallpaper may not be for you. Personally, we are the most comfortable using wallpaper to add pattern in small doses: inside built-ins, on a single accent wall, inside drawers, inside bookcases or cabinets, or in smaller rooms like a powder room. It’s not that I don’t think wallpaper can look good in large doses but instead I know how our personalities are and we tend to change things: we change them a lot and change them often. It’s just how we are. We like to experiment and we get bored easily. Changing a paint color in an entire room is a little easier than changing the wallpaper, that’s all. Changing wallpaper in a small space takes much less effort, and there are even really cool ways to make it SUPER easy (especially things like the back of a built-in) .

For me, it is one of those instances where I absolutely love looking at pictures of wallpaper when used sharply by creative designers, but I still hesitate to make as big of a commitment in our own spaces. I think we would just be too afraid of commitment. It doesn’t mean we don’t drool over well-done spaces utilizing contemporary or modern patterned wallpaper.

What are your thoughts on wallpaper? What do you think of the examples below? Do you still think wallpaper is passé?

modern wallpaper

modern wallpaper

modern wallpaper

modern wallpaper

modern wallpaper

modern wallpaper

modern wallpaper

modern wallpaper


2 responses to “Wallpaper??

    • awesome! I loved it too.I couldn’t find that wallpaper anywhere online when I looked. It was called out as wallpaper when I ran across it online, but there is also a possibility that it is painted and not actually wallpaper. Either way, you definitely could do that with paint and tape if you really wanted!

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