1st Dibs Digs

Saturday morning window-shopping at the wonderful 1st Dibs.

I have a love/hate relationship with sites like 1st Dibs. They have amazing vintage furniture and accessories in great condition (as well as lots of other goodies). However, it is mostly very sought-after manufacturers and designers and sold by people who really know what these pieces are worth. In other words: it is pricey (even though the prices are justified). Maybe someday when I retire a multi-millionaire I will be able to justify buying pieces here myself, otherwise I will just have to use this site to inspire me and continue to hunt for bargains at second-hand stores.

I plan to try and start accumulating my finds on this site on a semi-regular basis. Why semi-regular? Because a regular basis means I’d have to schedule it, like “1st Dibs Friday” or something. And who has time to stick to a schedule? (I am aware of the irony in that statement). In other words: I try not to make many commitments or promises on this blog in terms of regularly scheduled content. But sporadic content is better than no content, right?

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the following pieces I selected for today’s window-shopping. And, for those of you with (really) deep pockets, I included the link to the item to purchase.

mid century milo baughman sofa
1st Dibs Sofa

1st Dibs Chairs
1st Dibs Chairs

Mid Century Credenza
1st Dibs Room Divider

milo baughman bench
Gorgeous 1960 Milo Baughman Dowel Bench

mid century milo baughman chair
Milo Baughman Lounge Chair & Ottoman


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