Thrifting Scores | Danish Chairs & Grasshoppers Edition

More thrift-store and consignment store scores. Does it ever get old? (Not to us)

Once again, I apologize for the lack of content lately. Even two posts a week has been an effort the past few weeks. But here I am, to share a few more scores from our various thrift-store, craigslist, and consignment store digs.

Today I want to cover two things. First up is another chapter in our love for interesting brass statues of animals, creatures, and well…in this case insects. We found this grasshopper at a local second-hand store not too long after that stag we just posted about previously. Here it is perched upon that same blue dresser in our bedroom:

brass grasshopper

Noticing a trend with the pictures of our brass creatures? They just all seem to complement the shade of blue on that dresser so well. However, this grasshopper won’t be finding its home on our bedroom dresser. We figured our guests would feel left out if they too did not have brass statuettes adorning their sleeping quarters. So, you will most likely see our antenna’d friend in a future post about our upstairs guest bedroom makeover.

For now, I’ll move onto the bigger find I’m highlighting in this post (drumroll)…Our walnut lounge chair by Ib Kofod Larsen for Selig. Awesome mid-century style.We found this Danish wonder in a local antique store actually. This store usually focuses on styles that we have little to no interest in. Civil Warm memorabilia, Victorian era pieces, etc. However, we saw them post a picture online for this Danish chair that looked to be in near MINT condition for an absolutely great deal. So, naturally, we rushed over to the store.

It was indeed in great condition (the salmon, crushed-velvet upholstery notwithstanding) and we were able to haggle the price down based on the need to reupholster the piece. Luckily, with loose cushions this piece will be relatively easy (in comparison to a true, fully-upholstered armchair at least). It was actually quite the challenging puzzle to get it to fit into my car. We seriously thought we might have to call in emergency backup (aka a friend with an SUV or truck), but finally we willed it into my backseat safely and were able to transport it home.

Here it is sitting in our driveway in all it’s salmon-colored glory:

mid century stool

mid century stool

How awesome is that chair? If you find them in pairs they sell for a pretty-penny. But even solo they often sell for a good bit. So, to find one in great condition for the price we did was awesome. It was the kind of score that makes a weekend. We will certainly be posting before and after pictures of this chair once we can schedule time to work on this project!

Thoughts? Are we crazy for loving a brass grasshopper? Do you have a sudden urge to hunt for a vintage danish lounger? Let us know.

Have a safe weekend!

3 responses to “Thrifting Scores | Danish Chairs & Grasshoppers Edition

    • Thanks! And I know right? The problem we have is that our house is nearly completely furnished now (or at least we have the pieces and will be putting it all together this year), but we still see stuff we want and we’re stuck just window-shopping because we don’t have room for a lot of the awesome stuff we see!

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