Mikel Irastorza | Eclectic Apartment

Today, we’re taking a peek at Spanish interior designer Mikel Irastorza.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a ton of information on Mikel, but what I do know is that he designs some absolutely killer spaces. Probably the most famous example of Mikel’s work online is the eclectic & modern San Sebastian apartment that popped up on all kinds of blogs at the beginning of this year. I’m going to take a look at a different apartment today, but on the off-chance you’ve never run across the San Sebastian apartment, then you are severely missing out and I am providing a link here and a few sample pictures for your convenience:

Mikel Irastorza | Houzz

After you are done drooling over that dwelling, take a look at another example of Mikel Irastorza’s work. While I like the modern apartment more, the contrast between this contemporary space and the modern San Sebastian apartment speaks volumes to the versatility a good designer possesses. At times, this apartment even reminds me of Kate Hume’s versatile style. What do you think?

The entire house and other works can be viewed at Mikel Irastorza’s website


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