Local Buys & Thrifting

More random local buys and thrifting scores.

Work has been exceptionally busy lately. I have not been able to keep up with this blog as much as I would like. I meant to do a few different posts this week, but for now I think I will have to settle for sharing some of our other local vendor/vintage/thrift store finds.

As you can tell, scoring second-hand items is a hobby that my wife and I both immensely enjoy and we enjoy it even more together.  The goal is multifaceted:

  • You can score unique items that really help set a tone for your own personality in your space and it also helps your space feel less like you just went and bought everything at Crate & Barrel/West Elm/CB2/Ikea/Room & Board etc.  Yes, all those stores are awesome in their own way and for different items (we own several things from all of those), but isn’t it nice to find things that no one else you know has?
  • A lot of times you can save significant money by going this route. Don’t get this confused with getting things CHEAP. Sure, sometimes you can get stuff cheap secondhand. However, in general for us, what we find is that we get it cheapER/for a good deal.  So, instead of spending a $1200 on a chair, we can find one for a couple hundred and spend a few hundred more to reupholster.  Now it’s not cheap, but it is a lot cheapER and that’s what counts.
  • Specifically looking for vintage items that simply are not sold in stores these days
  • You might run into items that catch you are but aren’t necessarily “on-trend”. These mix in well with more trendy items to help your space feel more “high end” and thought out instead of catalog bought
  • The simple thrill of the hunt

But, now I will stop rambling and highlight a few scores:

First up are 2 wonderful white, wire, eiffel-base chairs we picked up from a local vendor this past weekend. One is pictured below:

modern eiffel-base bertoia wire chair

How great are these? We bought two of them for a great deal and plan to use them as the head-chairs in our dining room that is currently being made over. More on that soon!

Next is an awesome dresser that we got on the cheap from someone who picked it up in poor condition. It was then painted in this lovely color that we are incorporating into our master bedroom makeover. (More on that soon too!). We absolutely loved the simple style but the color really makes it feel a little “current” and brings a lot of color to our very neutral base color palette in our bedroom.

mid century modern painted dresser

Finally, this last find was a true thrift-store find. Solid brass (very heavy) and with some really cool detailing. Definitely head and shoulders above something you might find at Home Goods. Not that Home Goods isn’t good (we have also gotten things from there), but sometimes the vintage items you can find are just so much more detailed and higher end, both in materials and craftsmanship.

It is pictured here on the mid-century dresser in our bedroom. You can see a little bit of an IKEA mirror, the new wall color, and the new chair rail in our master bedroom makeover. We can’t wait to show you the entire room but we have just about every room at about 75% right now and are struggling to find the time to finish the last 25% in every room! The finishing touches take the most work and sometimes cost the most money (if you are waiting on those 1 or 2 big pieces to pull it all together). Sometimes the hardest thing is sticking to a monthly budget when you want it all NOW. But we are very diligent with the budget and exercise great patience with house purchases. It has just caused our whole-home makeover to take quite a bit of time…

solid brass deer statuette

Thoughts? Love them? Hate them? Have any cool finds of your own lately?


3 responses to “Local Buys & Thrifting

  1. WHAT! I want those eiffel base chairs! I can’t believe you bought them 2nd hand. I’m such a fan of thrifting (and I go thrift shopping with my bf, like you do with your wife. haha), and it’s way more fun than buying new. All of my friends scoff at thrift shopping until they see the stuff that I’ve gotten from thriting. Ha. 🙂

    -daria at ecospired.com

    • hey! glad you enjoy thrifting too. I definitely agree that a lot of people I know kind of scoff at the idea of “second-hand” in general. However, if I show them some of our new pieces and don’t tell them first that it was from a thrift-store or consignment shop, they’d never know and usually expect that it cost a LOT more than it did. I think there is just a stigma with second-hand items for some people.

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