David Rasmussen | Furniture and Decor Design

Aesthetically pleasing, high quality modern furniture with attention to detail: David Rasmussen Furniture Design.

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I was browsing a local store’s vendor/manufacturer’s list recently and noticed that I did not recognize the name “David Ramussen Furniture Design”. Always looking for interesting and fresh furniture design I decided to check it out. What I was greeted with was a website containing several eye-catching pieces of home decor. Not only did they make some crisp, modern furniture, but they also emphasized a focus on restoration and truly custom pieces. Overall, I love his use of contrast with white, bright colors, and deep wood tones.

Trained by furniture-makers at a young age, his bio says he was exposed to different styles and types construction before becoming the lead carpenter for a custom treehouse company. Eventually he made his way back to the furniture side of design and carpentry and I’m glad he did.

However, one of the first things that actually caught my eye wasn’t even furniture at all. Rather it was the crisp, modern style of the trays in the “Wud” series.

Modern Wud Tray

Modern Wud Tray

The finish on the walnut with that sharp, bright but subtle accent color really got my attention. They come in a variety of colors.

From a true furniture standpoint, several pieces stood out. One of them was his ReMix chair. Only fully appreciated from multiple angles, it is a very modern twist built on a wingback style chair.

ReMix Modern Wingback Chair

Modern Wingback ReMix Chair

Of course, his designs extend to several types of furniture, all with a modern twist. A small sampling of some of their other offerings include:

David Rasmussen Modern Chair

Modern Plank Bench

Modern Corner Desk

Modern Dresser

Modern Nightstand

Given what I have seen so far, I would be very interested to see what kinds of custom pieces he has been involved in designing for various customers. He didn’t have any shown on his website, but perhaps I would be able to get a few pictures from him in a follow-up post.

Don’t forget to check them out at David Rusmussen Furniture Design and also check your local independent, modern home decor/furniture retailer.


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