Even More Thrifting

More thrift-shopping. This time we even bought something!

Actually, we bought two somethings.  As usual, we also saw a bunch of stuff that was great but we didn’t actually buy. But as much as I like our window-shopping posts, it is fun to actually buy something we can use too.

I guess I’ll show the things we actually purchased first. First up is a great little mid-century piece that could be used as either a stool or an ottoman. It was reupholstered in a very classic fabric that would work with just about any decor.  We have a great use for it in the makeover of our upstairs guest bedroom.

mid century stool

stool fabric

Isn’t that such a classy piece? And for the price, I could never get something new that cheap. The fabric makes a great statement but could be paired with just about any style.

Next up is a coffee table. The style and wood color just seem like they will work perfectly in the makeover of our bonus room. The measurements are longer than we planned on, but we loved the piece, and for the price we decided we will try and make it work. (Crossing our fingers here).

mid century coffee table

What do you think? Worth the gamble on hoping we can make the layout work with this piece? The lighter wood seems right in line with what we are doing in that room and the style also fits. We are trying to mix contemporary with mid-century and also incorporating lighter woods as opposed to the medium-brown walnut type woods we have used so many other places. (We love this, just trying to think outside of our creative box!)

And finally, a handful of awesome items that we just didn’t need even though they really stood out to me.

knoll chair

vintage pendant

vintage pendant

Yes, it seems like I’ve been on a pendant kick lately, but really I’ve just happened to run across some really awesome pendants. All very unique and any one of them would look killer in the right space regardless of their style.

Any favorites from our recent thrifting?


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