John Lum Architecture | Nordquist Residence

John Lum Architecture is a firm focusing on stunning visuals combined with modern livability.  The Nordquist Residence is a perfect example of both.

I definitely plan to feature several projects from JohnLum Architecture, but I chose this as my first because I first ran across it quite awhile ago, but it still has the same striking appeal anytime I happen to run across someone else talking about it or pinning it again.

This week, it popped onto my radar again, because I was trying to find an example of straight-set tiles as a kitchen backsplash because we are thinking about doing it in our kitchen. Lo and behold, I run across this gorgeous kitchen again as it has the exact kind of backsplash I had in mind. The entire kitchen and living room are to die for. So many things I love about this space. Contemporary with hints of mid-century modern influence. The louvered look around the island is gorgeous too, but it is very hard to pick just a few things to gush about in this house.

Hope you agree and enjoy!

The entire house can be viewed at Nordquist Residence on Houzz or John Lum Architecture

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