I Spy…

Sometimes it’s a fun thrifting run even if you don’t find anything to buy.  (AKA a less direct way to say “window-shopping”). I often wish I was more active in designing other peoples’ spaces.  I see so many objects when we are out thrifting or at boutique stores etc. that I really love, but we have no real use for them in our house so it just would not be practical to buy since we don’t get paid to do anyone else’s house. Regardless, it is still fun to shop around and take pictures to catalogue items we like. It always helps build ideas for the future! Sometimes the toughest part is finding that perfect piece that would look AWESOME in our house…but we just spent money within the past year putting something new in so I just can’t justify replacing it already.  (HINT: There is one item in here that fits that description).

Here’s a sampling of some items lately that I found interesting for one reason or another.

Anything in here you could see in your own home? I plan to do another thrifting post in the next week or so covering another handful of items I spotted but didn’t buy, as well as a coffee table and stool that we scored as well, so stay tuned.

Random closing note: Some of you may have seen the Behr DeckOver Review I did this week since we just put some effort in to make our deck user-friendly again. I didn’t really think much of it at the time I wrote it, but it has been one of my most-viewed posts already after only being up for two days. Apparently lots of people are considering what to do with their decks as summer! Hopefully I will end up helping some people make their decision.

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