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Every so often, I plan to start highlighting vendors or products that have caught my eye. Some will be focusing on something we have actually bought, and some will be focusing on stuff we just thought was cool. This post happens to focus on both, and there isn’t a product that embodies the name of our blog better than this one.

Sometime last year, Dwell magazine pinned an image of a duvet cover that I knew I just had to have. We had been searching for a direction for our master bedroom for some time and when I saw this, immediately I had ideas of how to build the entire room around this one duvet. So, of course I quickly clicked to trace the image back to the manufacturer or vendor so I could find out where to purchase it. I found out that the design company was Funkle.
Funkle Gullfuglen Duvet
What struck me was the boldness of the pattern and brightness of the colors. While everyone carries lots of bright pillows and small accent pieces, the majority of the bedding sets we had seen at our normal favorite retailers had been a lot more neutral. Sure, there were a few colorful ones here and there, but they didn’t really excite us too much. This one had the boldness you normally only see on something small like a pillow, but it was covering the entire bed. Funky, bright, and unique; it was perfect..and from Norway.

This little detail almost threw a kink in our plans. The company is small (which we loved) but we thought that might ultimately make it difficult to purchase the bedding and get it shipped to the US. However, we sent an email to them, just inquiring what our options were. They ended being very awesome and accommodating about the whole thing. Our correspondence was directly with one of the members of their team and they basically handled it all over email and made it so hassle-free for us! The bedding arrived amazingly quick considering it was shipping half-way across the world and it did not disappoint. It is even more vibrant and fun in person as it is online. I can’t show it to you in our house yet, because we won’t be doing a reveal of our completed bedroom for some time. But, for now, I’ll show you a couple other stock pictures of the bedding:

We really cannot wait to show you how the rest of the room turned out. It really was all built completely around that duvet as the jumping-off point. It’s always fun when when one single piece can transform a room from a roadblock into inspired design.

So, if I haven’t heaped enough praise on this hip little design team, let me highlight a few other things they make, other than that awesome duvet. Their website says they were founded in 2007 in Notodden in Norway and they stress that they focus on fun and innovative products that also have meaning. In tying this meaning into the design, it really does give it a unique touch. For example, our Gullfuglen duvet was “inspired by and tells of a true story from the 30’s, when the Norwegian factory worker became the industry’s “golden bird” (or Gullfuglen).” That tie-in to Norwegian history makes it an even cooler purchase in my opinion. Along with that Gullfuglen duvet, they have a handful of pillows, blankets, and even porcelain products available on their website Funkle or Funkle Shop. They also post the email address to contact for orders outside of Norway. Here’s just a sample of what they offer:

Funky, colorful, geometric. It’s all there with their products. If you liked what you see here, please visit them at Funkle, email them at, or find them on Facebook.


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