Color: Yellow | Part 1 of 2

Today’s post focuses on spaces with one common theme: yellow.  Because, sometimes all you need is a little manufactured sunshine in your house.

Occasionally I plan to do posts that have a simple theme like this. It may be  a color, a specific type of interior finish, a certain design style,  my favorite sofas etc.  Today’s theme is simple: the color yellow.  Yellow has been a very popular supporting accent color in design for awhile and has been extremely popular the past few years.  I believe it has been so popular lately because it works so well with grey (along with many other bright colors), and grey as we all know, has been a hugely popular neutral color for awhile now.  However, yellow can easily be a very overwhelming color too.  Because of this, you will see it most often in accent pieces moreso than large pieces or entire rooms painted in yellow (but you find the occasional bold designer or homeowner who isn’t afraid to wash the room in yellow).

Nothing fancy in this post.  Nothing much for me to ramble on about (which I tend to do fairly often); rather, I have simply collected a handful of pictures representing how fun yellow can be. Whether it is a yellow appliance, a yellow light fixture, or even those who are bold enough to use it in larger doses.

What’s your favorite piece in your house/apartment that utilizes yellow? Or, are you one of the bold few with a yellow wall or yellow run of cabinetry?


Found via West Elm’s facebook

Thrive Furniture

Desire to Inspire

Palm Springs Real Estate news

Contemporary House Tour


Heath Ceramic Tile

Kitchen Cousins for HGTV

Desire to Inspire


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