Scandinavian House Tour

Sometimes when looking for fresh house tours that haven’t been posted on other blogs a thousand times already, it can be fun to turn to real-estate listings. This Scandinavian apartment caught my eye this week while trying to fill my queue of house tours up for this blog.  While the photos may not be as dramatic as pictures from a true designer’s or architect’s portfolio, a good photographer and staging can still work wonders in the world of real estate.  This simple and airy apartment is a perfect example of that.

As stated before on this blog, pictures to sell a house or apartment are often different than the types of pictures people love to see in magazines as “after” shots. They tend to offer just enough staging to make the place look lived-in, but little enough that there is not too much of a personal touch addedto the space.  This allows the potential buyer to mentally fill in the white space with their own knick-knacks and decorative objects. It is a tight-rope act of making the space look inviting but not too personal.

For that very reason, the spaces in this apartment are very minimalist: not overly decorated or personally staged, they let the apartment’s architecture speak for itself.  Open, airy, and white, this apartment is a blank canvas with a sleek foundation of Scandinavian style for its future owner to build upon.

Looks like the pictures are not hosted at the same location anywhere unfortunately. I have re-upped the pictures I pinned already at least, but unfortunately these are the only 3 pictures I have for this post now instead of the 6 I had originally. Sorry!

The full set of photos can be found on Alexander White’s website. [Link Now Broken]


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