Mid-Century Modern Reno | House Tour

This house represents one of my favorite general styles of interior design and architecture: a firm mid-century modern base mixed seamlessly with contemporary elements.

So, this house was originally featured on DigsDigs nearly 3 years ago. This obviously means that many of you have have seen it before, but I thought it was totally worth re-sharing for those of you who have not run across this house before. Those of you who have seen it before probably don’t mind revisiting it either; I know I don’t.

There isn’t much not to like in this open, airy, and bright remodel. Keeping the soul of the design firmly rooted in mid-century modern ideals, the colors and finishes are quite contemporary which is always such a perfect mix to me. Included in the final design were several inherited pieces of period furniture that were reupholstered and refurbished for appropriate use in the space. I know some purists prefer to see mid-century modern homes look like time-capsules with everything straight out of the original time period; however, while I can appreciate those spaces as well, I prefer to use that style as my base and re-imagine it in today’s world – always moving forward. I think that really keeps the spirit of the mid-century modernists’ original intent.

The design and remodel of this house was done by Coop 15 Architecture with interior designer Robin Chell. All photographs are by Daniel Sheehan

Hope you enjoy this house as much as I have – both on my first and second viewing.


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