Kate Hume | House Tour #2

The 2nd post in my series of Kate Hume designed house tours focuses on a gorgeous contemporary house outside of Prague.  With an airy contemporary vibe and timeless classic appeal, she once again demonstrates a knack for truly unique design.

One of the things I really love about this particular house is the use of a few bright, but classy and sophisticated colors.  Frequently, in very expensive homes, it seems like homeowners or designers play it very safe with neutral colors possibly in an attempt to appear more serious and less playful.  This particular house manages to stay very sophisticated while still incorporating some playful colors and patterns. The dining room is a great example of this.

In my opinion, it can be very hard to mix and match styles as well as utilize different styles successfully in different houses. Only the best-of-the-best designers can so effortlessly create something unique project after project. From what I have seen of Kate Hume’s portfolio, she definitely fits into that category.

Hope you enjoy the eye-candy.

The entire house outside Prague can be viewed at KateHume.com


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