April Thrifting | Part 1 of 2

One of the simultaneous positives and negatives to my job is the opportunity for travel.  Occasionally I’ll even get the chance to check out a local home decor store, thrift shop, or a local vendor booths. My ability to actually purchase anything to bring home is limited by object size and my means of travelling but occasionally I have been able to bring home a couple good finds.  Of course, I would rather be home with my wife and pug, but while we always look forward to our standard local thrift/vintage/secondhand loop together, it can be nice to take advantage of stores in a different area that have an entirely different population to feed into their inventory.

Recently, I was able to bring home a handful of items from different vendors in the city my current project is being constructed in.  Nothing major but I have put together 2 posts to highlight some of the objects I picked up as well as a few that are still on my radar if they are available the next time I swing by.  The second post will be published later this week.

I’ll start things off today with some gorgeous, local, handmade vases:

I still kind of regret not getting these, but they weren’t cheap. They are definitely on my list of items that I loved but didn’t get that day. I may however consider checking if they are still there when I go back because, while they weren’t cheap (they really work best in a pair so I would have needed both), they also would sell for a lot more at certain home decor vendors versus right here in the artist’s local booth.

One item I definitely picked up was this vintage 60’s Westclox Big Ben desk clock. Made in the USA, heavy, and solid metal internals (no plastic gears here!). At $15 it was not a bad deal. I loved nearly everything about it: The shape of the white base, the patina’d metal frame, the style of the letters.  Really just a gorgeous clock that is very versatile as I feel it would fit in with so many different styles of decor (industrial, mid-century, traditional, rustic, etc.).

Another item that I consider a particular steal was this mid-century style side table. It looked like something you would see at West Elm for $150 and I got it for $20. Hard to pass up, and you can always find use for awesome side tables right?  Of course, I had to carry it back 1 mile to where I was staying, but it was worth it.

Finally, the last item I picked up was not vintage, but rather another local artist (like the vases). They had some really cute un-framed prints. Although the colors turned out strangely  in the picture, this particular one had several colors that are being utilized in our bonus room and I just thought it would look great with a simple, flat white frame on a picture ledge we are planning to build in that room.

Overall I’d say it was a success.  Several unique pieces that I wouldn’t have found at home.  I do wish I had a better camera for some of this stuff, but that is one item on our to-do list before we start taking any “After” pictures in our house to post on this blog.  Most likely you will find all of these items scattered throughout our house in different rooms as we finish them and hopefully you will be able to appreciate them in their final homes even if they didn’t “wow” you here.

Stay tuned later this week for Part 2 of 2 regarding our recent vintage and local-artist finds!


3 responses to “April Thrifting | Part 1 of 2

  1. Me too! As I said, I think they are so versatile. They work in both feminine and masculine design and both modern and traditional spaces depending on their surroundings.

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